Sickness Poem

A Family Member With Dementia

I am dealing with a sister who has been diagnosed with dementia. The whole experience has been scary and devastating to watch her mind deteriorate while there is so little I can do to but keep her company and help her days by doing things with her. We try to enjoy the days and we try not to dwell on what we know is inevitable. It seems I have grown closer than I was with her before, and maybe that is because I know what is yet to come.

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Published: December 17, 2021

There are times when things seem normal again
We laugh and talk about trivial things
We enjoy each other's company
But we can't deny the thought in our minds
Unspoken words of what lingers behind
Of knowing it will come sooner than we are ready for
I don't know if I will be able to stand the sorrow
Of losing you before your body goes
And sometimes I sit and cry alone
For it is hard to watch you slowly go....



I've been writing poems most of my life and usually I feel I write my favorite ones from sad times that I have suffered. It is then that I pour my heart and soul into it. I feel much better afterwards as if I've purged and whenever I go back later and reread my heartaches and heartbreaks I know I got it right if those old feelings come back....

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