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Humorous Poem About Facebook Users

This humorous poem will get every FB user laughing their socks off!

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Facebook Rap


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2014 with permission of the author.

On goes the PC
Wonder who has messaged me
Loading up my Facebook
Gotta have a quick look
Ouch, somebody's poked me
Words with friends?
There's just three
I see a funny picture
I liked it so I ticked ya
Facebook, Facebook, Facebook rap
When this poem's done
I'll go for a nap
I check my FB in the morning
and I check it in the night
I check my FB when it's dark
And I check it when it's light
Oh Mr. Zucker
What have you done
I can't get away
However fast I run
Oh Facebook, it's everywhere
It's like I'm breathing it in
It's like unnatural air
It's illegal to have Facebook
When you're under age
But everywhere I go
I hear people say
"You got a Facebook page?"


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