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Where Do Broken Hearts Go?


Published: May 2008

Where do broken hearts go
When they don't have a song to sing
or have a prayer?
When your heart is bare?
Where do broken hearts go?
When your heart has been
ripped out of your chest
and stomped on?
When your body goes numb and
you can no longer care?
Where do broken hearts go
to shun themselves away from
the rest of the world?
When they're all alone and can't
stand to go on?
To be at one with themselves.
And think...think...
Thinking why?
Why would this person want to
deliberately hurt me?
Was it something I did?
Something I said?
How could they do this to me?
Then the depression turns to
You feel betrayed.
Since your heart just went up
in flames
you want revenge.
Suddenly it turns into this
Bride of Chucky moment where
all you can think about is
kill, kill, kill.
Visualizing their blood being
splattered, painting itself
on the walls.
You get up
take a deep breath and
inhale the fumes of
the dead corpse.
Feeling relieved you leave
the scene.
Leaving them like you felt
Colder than dry ice.
So answer this

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