Goodbye Love Poem

Remembering A Long Lost Love

The poem is about remembering a long lost love. I've come to realize that I was being a fool believing others and my own hurt when actually I was at fault too for not being there to comfort him.

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Finally, An Overdue Goodbye


Published: May 2014

After all these years, why does my heart bleeds for you,
For the love that we had?
After all these years, why now do I think of you?
  Feel the broken heart and the broken dream, as it has just   

Where did we go wrong?
Who was to blame then?
Me or you?
I would have blamed you..
Yet, maturity taught me..
No one is perfect, nor am I, never was and never will.
I know that I was at fault too,
For I was not there to support you,
Hold your hands to remind you
That I would be with you the whole way.
It's my fault to think that you would be like me.
I was so sure of myself,
      So sure of my love for you,
      So sure of your love for me would be as strong as mine for 

Now I've come to realize that there will never be US.
Let the painful memory stay and end here....
Not hurting others.
As I have to accept my fate,
What God planned for me.
I will now say a 20-year overdue "Goodbye, my love,"
But remember
As I live, you will always be there,
Deep down in my heart.


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