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Poem About Missing Dad On Christmas

This Christmas was the first since my dad has been gone, and it was really hard getting through the holidays without him.

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I lost my Daddy July 1st of this year (2018). We, as a family, do not really know how to do Christmas this year. Do we stay with tradition or do we try something different? The thought of not...

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First Christmas Without You


Published: May 2013

The nights are long and cold, the sun is hardly around.
Christmas time is approaching, and snow will soon cover the ground.
Trees and lights are twinkling, stockings are being hung.
The Christmas spirit is all around, as carols are being sung.
This year Christmas is not the same, just a yearly memory.
This house is not a home anymore, because you are not here with me.
There will be sadness; there will be tears when we wake up on Christmas day,
For this will be the first without you, oh how I wish heaven was just a mile away.
As we sit around the Christmas tree, emotions will be sad,
Gifts for them, gifts for me, but none of them will say DAD.
All I want for Christmas is to see your smiling face,
I know it cannot happen because you are in a better place.
Please...DAD ring a bell for me on Christmas day,
So I will know you got your wings and that you are ok.
I am not looking forward to Christmas, but I know it's something I have to live through.
I hope there is Christmas in heaven, because it is not the same here without you.

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  • by Kylia Wilson-Cardwell
  • 1 month ago

I lost my Daddy July 1st of this year (2018). We, as a family, do not really know how to do Christmas this year. Do we stay with tradition or do we try something different? The thought of not having my daddy here at Christmas is, at times, too hard to think about. He LOVED Christmas. He Loved his family, and this is going to be a very hard time for us all.

We live in different cities, but Christmas is the one time we are all together and that will not change. We need to be together in order to get through this pain. The true meaning of Christmas will always remain the same, but there will be a very bright light missing from our Christmas tree and there is no one to blame. We so loved our husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, but GOD loved him more, so I know Daddy you first Christmas in Heaven you will adore. We love you and we miss you so very much. I do know with prayer and the love we have for each other we will get through this first Christmas without you.

  • by Mary Burdick
  • 1 year ago

This is also the first Christmas without my father. Twenty-six years ago my sons and I also had to endure the first Christmas without their father and my husband. Their grandfather, my father, stepped up to help me raise them and keep them on the right path. I am very proud of my sons and the young fathers they have become. I know it was because of the guidance they received from my father. We all miss him terribly but know that God has taken him home and he no longer is in any discomfort. I, too, would like to hear that bell ring on Christmas morn knowing that he is now having Christmas with God and my husband. My prayers and love is going out to all of those who have lost someone dear to them.

  • by Lori Wilson
  • 3 years ago

I don't feel much like decorating,
I'm not feeling the Holiday "cheer".
There is one person missing,
One person I wish was here.
I realize he would want me to be happy,
to enjoy my daily life.
But EVERY day my heart is breaking,
for myself, and for his wife,
These people that I speak of,
I call them Mom and Dad.
Christmas is coming.......
but all I feel is sad.
I know I need to change my thoughts,
and think a different way.
But everyday, I miss my Dad.
and wish he were still here today.
Some tell me to get over it,
You'll be better off. Stop being sad.
To those I say, "it's obvious to me,
You didn't have such an awesome Dad"

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