Breaking Up Poem

Fixing a Broken Heart Poem

This poem is about having a broken heart but finding the one person who can fix it again.

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And You Wonder Why


Published: February 2011

I gave you my heart and you threw it away.
But he wanted it from the start.
I treated you like God and you treated me like dirt.
But he has always looked at me as if I were an angel.
I called for you and you didn't answer.
But he came running.
I needed you and you ignored me.
But he was always there
I gave you my lifetime, you gave me a day.
But he gave me forever
I loved you, you liked me.
But he'll love me as if I was the most beautiful thing on earth.
I was hurt and you didn't stitch up my wounds.
But he used a golden needle and silver thread.
I cried and you didn't hold me.
But he never let go.
I said "I love you" and you didn't say it back.
But he's been saying it to my face for years.
I was bleeding and you left me for dead.
But he would have given up his life if it meant that I would live.
I fell down and you didn't pick me up again.
But he has carried me the whole way.
And even though I haven't noticed until now,  he has always thought I was the one.
And the day I realized that I loved him too, it was the best day of his life.
And when it came the time for me to fall, whose arms did I fall into?
His. And you wonder why.



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