Heartbreak Poem by Teens

Angry Poem About Being In A Toxic, Controlling Relationship

I wrote this poem on May 8th, after reflecting on the fact that 3 months ago I was in a psych ward after wanting to kill myself. Leading up to that point, I was in a very toxic relationship that got very blown up, fast. I wrote this in hopes that people going through this could relate and not feel alone.

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Brianna E. Cornman © more by Brianna E. Cornman

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2017 with permission of the Author.

I was drowning in the sea.
You took one look then suffocated me.
Bubbles came in through my mouth as I screamed.
They exited my nose when I tried to breathe.

My mother always warned me about this.
She always pointed out the people I shouldn't miss.
You're the same feeling as plastic bag over my face;
The same feeling as running but staying in the same place.

As I tried to swim up and out of the sea,
You only made it easier for me to sink.
Every cutting word is another stone tied to my feet.

Every blood curdling scream is your toxicity washing away downstream.
Can't you see the scarcity of love in my life?
Blood spilled from the kerf you carved into my back with your knife.

A strong toothed, voracious shark smelled my fright.
He swam towards me and opened his mouth to bite.
The shark chewed my heart and swallowed it whole.
I thought I was lost at sea, but I really was just bait in your fishbowl.


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