Divorce Poem

Poem From Husband About Failed Marriage

By the time I realized my marriage had some serious problems it was too late and no matter what I did to make myself a better person or to fix the problems it made no difference, as her heart was no longer in it.

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Just Not Meant To Be


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2013 with permission of the Author.

Admiring her beauty
When we first met
Her blond hair and body
I just wanted to get

The good times were many
The worries were few
We fed upon lust
Then love began to brew

As time together passes
The lust starts to fade
Life's chores become hectic
You question decisions made

First there's complaints
Followed soon by contempt
Love is then questioned
As sex is exempt

You get so frustrated
And full of dismay
At the things that are said
Marriage isn't meant to be this way

Maybe it's me
Have I changed in some way
Not that I can see
No, I think I'm OK 

Then you realize one day
That something's amiss     
The love is not there
No more sharing a kiss

With your heart now broken
You lay there at night
Your eyes wide open
Thinking this isn't right     

My attempts to discuss
The problems I see
Only create a fuss
Between her and me

In your heart you now know
How this story will go
Another failed marriage
With three kids to show

All the love and the dreams
Once shared are forgotten
Instead they're replaced   
By actions all evil and rotten

Any good deeds of past
And efforts once made
Are erased in a moment
With consent orders laid


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