Falling in Love Poem

I met what may be my future husband in a club and thought of it as a casual one time thing and we are together a year later hoping to get married in the future.. he is an amazing dancer and together we are unstoppable

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Flower In A Cactus


Published: March 2011

Flower in a Cactus
Loni Prairie Chief
A free spirit I was
In an environment so loud
I yearned for the attention I got
Through the eyes of the lusty crowd.
Dancing so freely you caught my eye
I stood at bay for the right time
I took a sip and made my move
As I approached you.
Not quite sure of what to expect
But who cares what the heck
I made my move and asked you
If you were free to dance with me.
So willing and fine
It was about time
Someone could keep up with me
As well as be free.
It was just one dance
But we rocked it like it was our last chance.
You were into me I was you
And then the music stopped and we were through.
I walked off and didn't stop to think
That you would be the one
That would make my day.
I would brush past you
With the intentions that you would notice me too.
So much variety you did stand out to me.
Was it your eyes? No...
Was it you smile? Maybe...
Was it your scent? Kind of...
Was it your style? Yes...
Was it your moves? Definitely!
You were my Flower in a Cactus.
I had another chance
As you took it upon yourself to show me a dance.
You took my breath away
All I wanted to do was anything but play
Feel your emotions
And show what I could do
Have a good time and be serious too.
If it weren't for another that had my heart
I can guarantee you would be the one to start



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