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  1. I Realized

    • By Diya Chauhan
    • Published: February 2020
    The Realization Of Love

    The sunshine appears to be brighter.
    My heart feels a bit lighter.

    More beautiful are the flowers appearing.

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  3. Stay Here

    • By Xavier G. Alaniz
    • Published: June 2017

    Listen to my heart as it screams your name.
    Look into my eyes as you fix the pain.
    Kiss my lips and let's disappear.
    We can run away far from here.

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    Incredibly beautiful. I believe that when we understand, or rather embrace our feelings fully, we don't need many words. This poem is short, yet the feelings projected are accurate and...

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  4. Take Me To The Center Of Your Soul

    take me
    to the center of your soul
    show me where you hide
    lead me to the forgotten wounds

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  6. Feelings For You

    • By Heather
    • Published: January 2009

    Sometimes I wonder how I feel about you,
    Scared of these feelings because it's still new
    I catch myself thinking of the best way to share,
    Hoping you'll return my confession showing you care

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    That is so true. I got married last year, but because I didn't know how to express my love for my husband, he left. Now that I think about everything, I have a lot of love for him, but in...

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  7. Love Of My Life

    • By Sage
    • Published: August 2016
    She Is Everything To Me

    I fell in love with her smile;
    It's what makes mine.

    She brings chills to my eyes;

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    I love this girl so dearly, but I don't think she will ever be mine. It is so hard to accept that she is with someone else and move on, but whatever happens, I will always love her.

  8. Feelings

    • By James Pritsky
    • Published: October 2013
    How To Tell Her You Love Her

    Feelings tell the truth, they never lie.
    Feelings tell the truth between you and I,
    But what if they hide, they don't come out?
    Then how will your feelings come about?

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    I've had a raging "crush," I guess you could call it, on this girl. She was dating my best friend. She came to a party with me, and we talked, and she started crying outside when her ex left....

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  10. My Own Little Love Story

    Believing In Love Again

    All I used to feel was blue.
    I used to think love itself was a lie
    because of all of the fires I walked through
    and all the tears that I cried.

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  11. Falling For You

    • By Casey An Mccarra
    • Published: January 2019
    To A Special Guy I Met

    Every time we're together,
    I feel complete.
    You show me love.
    Falling for you.

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  12. Every Day My Love For You Grows

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    Every day that passes us by
    all I could think of is this one guy.
    I never thought I'd feel this way,
    but the feeling I have I want to stay.

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    There is this lady I first loved in my life. I don't know how to let her know I wish she could be the mother of my unborn children. I managed to tell her about a month ago; she said we should...

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  13. In Love

    When You're So In Love With Someone

    When I lay my head
    And I'm all tucked in bed

    When I'm alone with my thoughts

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