Mother's Day Poem

A Mother Is There During Tough Times

The story behind this poem is me showing gratitude to my mother who has always been there for me in tough times.

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For My Someone Special


Published: May 6, 2022

When I cried,
You wiped my tears away.
You showed me the colour
When I only saw grey.

You made me smile
When I felt hurt
And made me laugh
When I felt like dirt.

When I felt like a shadow,
You showed me to the light
And always reminded me
The world's not black and white.

I have some words for you,
Just like you always do.
I just wanna say,
"Happy Mother's Day."

When you hug me,
Your hug smells of flowers.   
I want to stay there
And hug for hours.

When I want to give up,
You say, "Keep trying.
Get up again
And stop crying."

When I said words of hatred
You kissed my forehead
Forgive those who hurt you,
Let your kindness spread.

Happy Mother's Day
Is easy to say,
But I say it from my heart,
And I always did, from the start.

Your'e kind, nice and pretty,
Always there when I need you.
I always look up to you,
Like I always do.

When nights were cold,
You were there to hold.
You were warm
And stopped the storm.

I just want to say
Happy Mother's Day.
I love you
And I will forever, too.


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