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Joking About Forgetfulness

Oh, the joys of being 77 years old! Sometimes my mind wanders from everyday practicalities and thinks loftier thoughts. I have learned that having a sense of humor when experiencing the trials of old age is a life saver. Yes, all of these situations mentioned in the poem did happen to me. I hope that you all will get a chuckle from this poem about being forgetful.

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Cheryl L. Delcour © more by Cheryl L. Delcour

Published: July 20, 2022

I'm so glad that I'm not forgetful
and seeing the frustration it brings
like others who are losing their heads
and thinking of loftier things.

This morning I found the keys in my door lock
when I walked out to leave.
How nice they were waiting there all night,
saving me time to retrieve.

I went to the garage yesterday
to put on my garden shoes.
There lay my wet swimming suit
with my important lists of to-dos.

Behind my decorative pillow,
I found popcorn and the remote for the TV
along with a black-laced bra
that I hope belongs to me!

Once again, I opened my pantry door
and spied a gallon of milk, quite lukewarm,
placed next to the chocolate cookies,
which seems to be the norm.

I did misplace my cup of hot tea
while I was icing my right knee.
It was found in the china cupboard.
Is someone playing a joke on me?

Whoever this culprit may be,
I wish he would leave me alone.
I don't have time to spare,
and I want the return of my cell phone.

Perhaps it's a playful, mischievous elf
hiding my glasses and my rings,
but I'm so glad that I'm not forgetful
and thinking of loftier things.



During my life's journey, I have been an elementary school teacher, a professional puppeteer, and a painter. Now during the past two years, I am exploring the path of poetry. I am posting my poems on this site because it features a variety of poem choices of true quality. Being a new poet, I also appreciate the encouragement and feedback from others.

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