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Humorous Poem About Undesirable Inherited Traits

I have always wondered why undesirable genes are so easy to inherit and desirable genes are so rare. Sometimes I feel like I was misdirected somehow and simply got in the wrong line.

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© more by Elaine P. Keefe

Published by Family Friend Poems June 20, 2023 with permission of the Author.

I am not very happy with my genes.
They don't seem to suit me at all.
I wish I could have chosen my own,
But of course it was not my call.

My dad had thick and wavy hair.
Like my mom's, mine is thin and straight.
My father was tall, my mother short.
I never came close to five-eight.

My father's skin was swarthy,
My mother's unblemished and fair.
My dermatologist loves me;
I think I'm allergic to air.

My mother had all her teeth when she died;
My father lost his to decay.
My own have paid for my dentist's house, his yacht
And account on eBay.

My father wore a size 13 shoe;
My mother's size was petite.
I could get a job as a clown
And not have to purchase fake feet.

My dad was the strong and silent type.
My mother could gab with the best.
They will have to tape my own mouth shut
Before they lay me to rest.

I really wish I could file a complaint
About the raw deal I got,
But then, of course, I would not be me.
I'm not sure if that's good or not!


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