Moving On Poem

The story behind this poem is about my ex-boyfriend. We spent three and a half years together, and a year of our relationship he was in Iraq. I did love him more than what I thought possible, but while he was gone we grew apart, although we never wanted to. I used to blame him for my broken heart, but when I met my husband, I realized that, although we had grown apart, it wasn't all his fault. I still love my ex, but I realize now that I am no longer IN LOVE with him.

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Published by Family Friend Poems October 2013 with permission of the Author.

You were like a shining light
Into the darkness of my life
I was taken back by the way you smiled
I knew from the start you'd always have my heart.

We spent every day like it was the last
You made me see things differently, with meaning
When I was scared you were there for me
Wiping away my tears

You held my fragile heart in your hands
For what seemed like forever
We grew apart when you left
Never an intention

When you returned home
I saw that my sun had died
It was left somewhere out in the sand
In that barren land

I forgive you for breaking my heart
For crumbling it into dust
For the last time we had somehow lost our trust
My sun was gone forever, I see that now

I forgive you for everything, my love
Although I shouldn't
I forgive you for things
I thought I couldn't

Thank you for showing me
Even for a short while
That a single smile
Can change your life


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