Moving On Poem

Poem About Moving On From Your First Love

I met a boy, and he left his girlfriend for me at the end of the school year, and we fell in love during the summer. When we went back to school in the fall, he cheated on me with his ex. I continuously went back to him every time he cheated on me with the hope that things would be better. He used me, and I was distracted by the love I truly felt for him. My first love ended up leaving me for another girl exactly how he left his ex before me. He left without a word after a year and a half of dating.

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Blessing In Disguise

© more by Cassie Bessant

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2015 with permission of the Author.

I still remember the moment we met
The time we shared, I'll never regret
That summer in the sun we spent together
I can only hope you'll always remember
In spite of our love, I am painfully aware
That you're far gone and no longer there
Often I don't know what to do
So many nights I cried over you
To me it may not feel right
But at the end of the tunnel there is no light
You pushed and guided me to achieve
But in the end you'd just leave
I sit there and wonder what went wrong
But I've got my friends to keep me strong
If you ever wonder why we're through
Just look in the mirror, because it's all on you
What a blessing to have my mind back
But honesty, you'll always lack
So with that, I'll forget the pain
You go ahead and watch me make myself a name
I spend most of my time thinking of you
Reminiscing of the things we said we'd do
The future we planned had so much in store
Now the thought of it rots me to the core
I gave you everything and now I can see
The best I can give you is freedom from me
It seems now I'll change my fate
For you, I'll no longer wait
Why should I hang on to the one who doesn't care
I now have my own life to spare
I'll use all the strength I have left within
I'll push myself to move forward to the new life I must begin
All the stress you put me through
I would still never wish on you
You always walked on me like a rug on the floor
Maybe I should be grateful you walked out that door
That door that will be closed, will be locked, will be open no more
Memories engraved in my heart
I wish you luck with your brand new start


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