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Freedom's Destination

© more by Jerry

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2009 with permission of the Author.

Some foreign country,
Some funny name.
After awhile,
They all look the same.

Grandpa went first,
Back then World War I.
And didn't come home,
'Til the job was all done.

My Dad was then ripe,
When it came time for II.
Returning as hero's,
Only missing quite a few.

A Brother was the next in line,
To risk his life and limbs,
But, Korea kind of fizzled out,
Especially for him.

Then came strife in Vietnam,
And I was 18 'when' . . .
They poked 'n had me turn 'n cough,
Then sent me off to win.

I thought when in the combat zones,
If 'ever' I go down . . .
My folks will know that I was here,
Not hiding out of town.

We all fought for freedom,
Representing our hometowns.
To be damn sure our kids had homes,
Still setting on free grounds.

The countless before,
And many since.
Whose young life's were cut short,
I am 'sure' would say this . . .

'This was my last,
I've given my all.
But if you don't mind,
Let me make 'one' last call?

When you get 'round to my marker,
And you're wondering that day.
What words to scribe upon it,
Just 'What' is left to say?

Please keep it nice 'n simple,
And I be 'forever proud' . . . .'



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