Fear Poem

Imagine Running Away From Your Worst Nightmare

My name is Ana and I have been writing poems for years. Every time I write a poem I incorporate my deepest feelings. I guess that's why some people say they are dark. But I love, cherish, and enjoy my poems, and I hope other people do too.

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Frozen Memories


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2013 with permission of the author.

There is snow in the air.
The coldness reaches my heart.
There is death everywhere.
My stone heart is tearing apart.
Our emotions are hidden in the cold.
The only person I have left is you.
The world covers you in a snow fold.
I have to run before they take you too.
I know the winter has pulled you weak
As you lay frozen to the ground.
Don't ask me to leave you; just don't try to speak.
Even your hunger is silenced; you don't even make a sound.
Frozen flakes fall like tears.
You put up a fight,
But you got weaker and weaker as the days come near.
Your last breath was frozen into the night.
You could still live if you just held on a little more.
I hear them coming, but I don't try to hide.
In the sky your spirit soars.
I will fight for you, and I will miss you because you died.
Last night it was so cold,
But I don't mind it now; I don't even feel it.
All our things were sold
Just to accept the fact that you're gone;, I can't handle the feeling
As the degrees dropped.
Your heart rate started to slow.
After a while your shaking stopped
And your blood wouldn't flow
As I held you in my arms.
The light of dawn began to shine
They're coming by the sounds of alarms,
But they can't take you away, no, you're mine.
Asleep on my lap,
I can hear them coming down the road.
You look so peaceful like you're taking a nap,
I think as my tears explode.
Snow is crunching underneath their boots.
Here they come all dressed and fine
I have to run before they shoot
A tear runs down my face when I look at you one last time...


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