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The Truth Hurts

Sometimes the truth hurts, but in the end we are better off knowing.

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Love is good but it takes time to know someone. I wish could be happy in love always.

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I Thank You


Published: February 2006

You kept it real.
You told no lies.
I trusted your words,
And you said that it was okay to cry.
Hidden from an ocean of lies from the
People closest to me...
But you, you revealed them all.
You answered questions never asked,
And you showed no regret,
And with that I thank you!
Wishing the truth were lies,
Expecting a laugh and you telling me
That it was all a
The truth hit me, then stabbed me, then
Killed me a thousand
I cried that night with the never ending.
Thought of the truth...
I thought I knew my life, I thought I
Understood it all...
But you opened my eyes and unwrapped
The hurtful truth...
And I thank you for being there, to hold
my hand...through it all...
And I can never thank you enough for
opening the closet of skeletons...


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  • David Eric by David Eric
  • 6 years ago

Love is good but it takes time to know someone. I wish could be happy in love always.

  • Akshatha B A by Akshatha B A, India
  • 6 years ago

The truth better be said... It is not easy to love! Love can test your strength in each and every step..
Loving your mother or your brother while on a fight is not a thing everyone can do.. Life tests your hold on love and love tests your need for it and how tight you cling on to it.. Fear is always a part of it. Even if you sometimes secretly wish that person weren't in your life, you fear you'd lose that person, and the thought can make you crazy... Love connects two people with a rope of fear!

  • Joselyn Munoz by Joselyn Munoz, Va
  • 9 years ago

I grew up in a childhood were you had to grow up fast. When I go school and my friends ask how's your life I say the usual. "Same as always waking up everyday to having to get emotional scars and then crying myself to sleep". After they hear my respond they take it as a joke then they see I'm serious and laughter is soon replaced by pity. I don't understand why they still feel pity for me if I give that answer every time they ask how my life is. Even though I don't want them to feel pity for me it sometimes feels good that at least someone cares how my life is and how my feelings are. I come home everyday to find a mother who can not stand up to my father and leave him as much as we plead her to do so. That simple problem became a huge problem that changed my life forever.

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