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How I Met A Small Dog

I am Sarthak Mohapatra, just a normal teenager. One day I came across a dog who looked really innocent. It was very small at that time. By certain circumstances, it managed to become our pet. But then there was a flurry of happiness and delight. The dog, which we named Tipu, was a real angel. It infused our lives with happiness. Days passed happily with Tipu. But then he contracted a disease and is now being treated. I completely dedicate this poem to my dog.

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Our Angel


Published: May 2011

Once I had gone for a jog
The atmosphere was covered by fog
I met a small dog
who was lying motionless like a log

I read up its mind
I thought it needed food
Now I had an opportunity to be kind
and do a needy creature some good

I brought the dog to my house
I protected its tender body from any louse
I did everything I could to make it shine
It ate bread and butter but not wine

It really infused happiness in life
It could skillfully play with a knife
It was an Indian native
To spread love and cheerfulness was its motive

It really was very, very amicable
In due course of time it became inseparable
I think from the heavens it did fall
It was loved by one and all


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