Pet Friend Poem

In Memory Of A Faithful Friend: Poetic Ode To A Dog

This is about a mans best friend. Every boy growing up in the 60's dreamed of having one . Unfortunately my family didn't have that opportunity. As a man I did. My dog lived to be 18 years old. This is a note to Saint Peter in memory of Tom's dog.

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Note To Saint Peter


Published by Family Friend Poems July 24, 2023 with permission of the Author.

If you should see an old white dog
   Go limping past your door--
Just an ornery looking, red eyed mutt
   With three legs, instead of four--
Don't judge him by his mangy coat
   Or lack of dog appeal;
But look inside, and you will see
   A heart as true as steel.
To guard the steps of those he loved--
   From real or fancied ill,
To watch the house that sheltered them
   Through hours, dark and chill.
For this he lived - nor asked reward,
   Nor ever wondered why;
'Til old and sick, he hung his head
   And crept away to die.
So give him back his poor lost leg,
   He`s earned the best You've got!
If one of us can say the same--
   That's saying quite a lot.


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