Death Of Lover Poem

Yearning To Be With Your Partner Who Has Died

I have been writing morose prose since my life partner passed away in November 2019. It helps me accept my grief and makes me feel closer to him. I haven't deviated from any particular styles in this poem, just wanted to prove to him I can write about him using the same rhyme in each specific stanza.

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I'll Wait Until I Wake

Claudia D. Ross ©

Published: January 9, 2020

The haunted glaze over my eyes has become an all too familiar sight.
It reflects the emptiness inside of me, my soul's plight.
There's total darkness now when everything was once bright.
How I long for the day you welcome me into your light.

My love hasn't gone, but now it resonates with a gnawing ache.
Never imagined this is how it feels when one's spirit will break.
There is nothing anymore that what's left of me can take.
I pray it's your face I see when from this nightmare I awake.

The haunted glaze in my eyes speaks of the loss of you,
An abyss tearing me apart, and there's nothing I can do.
I want to wake up and see that none of this was ever true
And that the one waking me with a smile on his face is you.



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