Dark Poem

This is how I feel, Don't judge, The devil chose me! I see demons and things that aren't there! I'm not lying!! I swear on my dead grandmothers grave!

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Im All Alone!


Published: June 2013

I'm fine in the fire,
I'm right where I should be,
Don't try to fix me!
I like the pain,
I love the darkness,
I'm used to it,
I'm broken forever,
It's impossible to fix me,
I cry myself to sleep,
I cut till blood pours,
I have scars on my wrist,
I love screaming music,
I see things that aren't there,
I guess the devils speaking to me,
He chose me,
So there I will go,
My favorite number!
I'm fine in the fire!
I'm all alone


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