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Choosing Happiness

I've had my share of troubles in life, though not as much as some have had. But I've discovered that happiness - or a lack of it - never really comes from my friends or foes. Although they do influence it, it's really up to me.

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The Choice Is Mine


Published: January 11, 2018

Life may not let me choose my lot,
But whether I'd be happy or not...
That is my choice.

To leave hurtful memories behind
Or allow them to bother my mind...
The choice is mine.

To fret over a mistake when it's done
Or learn from it and move on...
The choice is mine.

To be bothered by all that people say
Or ignore them and go my own way...
The choice is mine.

To hide my feelings, pent up, unspoken,
Or say my mind and ease the burden...
The choice is mine.

To enjoy what I've been able to gain
Or ungratefully regard it with disdain...
The choice is mine.

Sometimes I won't get to pick my lot,
But whether I'd be happy or not
Will always be my choice.

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