Life Lesson Poem

Live Life To The Fullest And Stop Whining!

Many times I hear people complain about the weather no matter what it is doing. You just have to live life to the fullest and not let anything get in the way! I lost my daughter in a car accident a couple of years ago and I have realized that even if you are given lemons you must make lemonade. Life goes on and it might be rainy or snowy or too hot or too cold, but despite the season just live!

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My Four Seasons

© more by Jennifer Caldwell

Published by Family Friend Poems April 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Winter oh winter, how long will you stay?
Winter good old winter will you ever go away?
I liked you in the beginning and in the middle you were fine!
But, can someone pass me some crackers to go with my whine?
You just keep on hanging on and you are super cold and wet.
We have nothing in common, let's pretend we never met!

Winter, oh winter have you ever met spring?
Did you know that pastel colors were even a thing?
You're like an old boyfriend who doesn't want to have fun.
Didn't I tell you a long time ago how we are just done?

Spring happy spring you are a fresh breath of air.
Winter won't leave us so we must have an affair!
Pretend you can't see all the fresh fallen snow.
Or maybe you can warm the air and away it will go!

I love you spring I can finally wear shorts
Your temperature is perfect according to the weather report.
Not too cold and not too hot is how you usually flow.
You are like the perfect boyfriend who makes me glow.

Oh no spring watch out Summer is on its way!
Summer comes in hot and will make you go astray.
Summer is not perfect, summer burns me all the time.
Spring ole spring you will always be mine!

We got rid of summer, but did I ever mention fall?
Oops my mistake Spring you are such a doll.
I know fall seems scary as things start to die.
And the ghosts and goblins in the wind you hear cry.

If winter could talk this is what it would say,
I am sorry my welcome I did overstay!
But, don't remember the bad, just remember the fun!
Don't you remember when we met on your favorite ski run?
The times you made snowballs and hit people in the face
Or the times you hopped on a sled and said come on let's race!

Remember I have the most important job of them all.
I have to make sure the mountains have enough snow fall!
You must have enough water all year round.
So let's not cuss in the spring when there is snow on the ground!
No I am not perfect and sometimes I mess up.
But remember I try hard to always catch up!

Spring says sorry I am not perfect I really hate to say.
But I am not as harsh as winter and you like me that way.
I just have a couple of faults that I hate to even mention.
But, remember the year you had to do flood prevention?
Yup, me and winter we kind of got into a fight.
I poured rain on its snow until it melted just right.

Summer piped up and said sorry I am so scorching hot,
Sorry when I burn you, was sunscreen just an afterthought?
You knew you needed protection, what can I say?
Maybe next time you should think before we play!
Are you always miserable, is anything just right?
Seems like you have a beef with all seasons and you just want to fight!

Fall murmured oh yes summer is so right on!
Sorry I come in and cause such a fright and you want me gone.
When a storm rolls in, don't sit and complain.
Step outside and learn to dance in the rain!
You must appreciate the good that each season provides
And feel lucky you live in a place where four seasons reside!


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