Dream Poem by Teens

Poem About Living In A World Of Lies

The media, the society, and the world have inspired me to write this. I've learned that life is full of lies, especially for teens. It seems like a repeating cycle for everyone around me consumed with what others think.

It feels like no one has a mind of their own anymore.

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Published by Family Friend Poems August 2014

Trapped by four corners of glass,
Striving for the upper class.
No windows, no doors.

Caught in the midst of a dream.
Floating or yet just as it seems,
An idea lingers across your mind
But diminishes as soon as you find.

You've almost made it,
But you're stuck on the same page
As everyone around.

You're duplicated,
Been dominated.
Your love has faded,
Traded for insecurities.

Playing their games like you've got no other aim.
Taking their words like a song caught on repeat.

Can't you see
In order to be who you are,
Beware of scars.

Don't trap your brain.
Let your ideas flow.
Only apart from vain
Will your true self show.


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