Family Love Poem

Poem On Going On Without The Ones We Love

The difficulty of going on without the ones we love

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Published: February 2006

As the tears fall down my face,
Without her I am so out of place.
As my chest tightens,
And my dreams frighten.
I can't breathe the air,
She doesn't know how much I care.
I love her so much, I love her so dear,
I love her with every little tear.
Without her I cannot bear,
Without her it is not fair.
She is my reason for living this long,
She is the reason I try to be strong.
I try to keep the hurt inside,
But it is too hard to hide.
I am lonely without her in my arms,
I want to keep her from all harm.
She is my little baby that I miss so much,
I miss her soft little touch.
Her little hand holding mine,
How it stops the moment and time.
Her little smile when looking at me,
Her little voice saying mommy, look, you see?
Her little giggle makes my heart skip a beat,
Her love for me lifts me to my feet.
She has been sent to me from above,
She is the only thing I need in love.
Soon enough I hold her next to me,
Soon enough she and I can be.


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