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Land Of Eternal Zits

© Jarrod Dillon more by Jarrod Dillon

Published on March 2008

The beach is the land of eternal youth
Where hormones rage
And all is pleasant to the eye
Perfect forms and
Perfect fits
In the land of eternal zits.

The lonely man by himself
Holds his book to cover his shame
Too many calories
His only joy is fantasy
He never takes off his shirt
He watches her take off her skirt

The lonely girl by herself
Undresses in front of all
Puts herself on display
Wonders if he notices her
She lays in the sun
Desiring some fun

His blood pumps for her
He stares at the same page in his book
Frozen in time
He glances at her through his sunglasses
With all his heart he would serve
If only he had the nerve

Old couples watch as they bounce the ball
Back and forth
They remember the days of their youth
The wind takes them to a different place
Suddenly there is rust
Where there once was lust.



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