Miscarriage Poem

Sympathy Poem For Miscarriage

When a child dies before birth, many question why, as did my daughter who lost a child through miscarriage. I wrote this poem for her through my belief that as hard as miscarriage is to understand, God doesn't make mistakes. He loves us, and there is an answer that I believe coincides with my poem.

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Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014 with permission of the Author.

What we call miscarriage,
Is hard to understand,
but God calls special babies
back with Him in Heaven's land.

He doesn't need to test them.
These angels are too pure.
The trials of this earth
are not theirs to endure.

But as all of God's children,
they need a family too,
An angel dwelt inside your womb
because this child chose you.

A loving son or daughter
will be in your arms one day.
One whose love surrounds you
Heaven's not that far away.

Trust in God, our Father
and always remember this,
everything has purpose.
and with Him there is no "mis."


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