Pet Friend Poem

The Bond Between A Man And His Dog

There have been countless books and movies depicting the relationship between a man and his dog. I personally can attest to how strong that bond can be. This is about one that was half Springer and half Australian Shepherd. He had a black and white marled coat and the prettiest blue eyes you've ever seen. For obvious reasons, he was named after Frank Sinatra. He would steal your heart and your lunch all at the same time. I must admit I had tears in my eyes when I finished this.

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My Best Friend

© more by Randall W. West

Published by Family Friend Poems October 25, 2022 with permission of the Author.

His coat was soft and silky, and his eyes were baby blue.
His nose was pink and runny, and his legs were strong and true.
It really was amazing how that pup could steal your heart.
I never would imagine that a dog could be so smart.

He seemed to get in trouble from the first day I got him.
If he hadn't been so cute, I'm sure my wife just may have shot him.
He ate our son's retainer and some four remotes, I think.
If you didn't watch your sandwich, he would steal it in a blink.
When he learned to open doors, our fridge was bungee corded.
Every doorknob in the house was chewed up and distorted.

Although he was a stinker, our home was filled with love.
I wouldn't trade him for an angel that was sent down from above.
As time went by, the years rolled on and he reached seventeen.
Although his legs grew weak and frail, his mind stayed strong and keen.

Then the day came when we knew his time with us was through.
And when he died, I have no doubt that part of me died, too.
I find a lot of comfort knowing when I've met my fate,
He'll be standing there, tail wagging, waiting at that Pearly Gate!



I have always enjoyed writing poems to express my feelings. They are a reflection of my mood at the time. Consequently, it could be remorseful, mischievous, or philosophical. I've frequently been asked to write for special occasions by family and friends. I do so but I don't really enjoy it because I'm locked into a time frame...

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