Pet Friend Poem

Poem About The Life Of Cats

Loving both poetry and my four pet cats, I have written a piece describing these unique and quirky creatures. Their mannerisms and behaviors are captured first-hand by me as I have both watched and interacted with them daily throughout the years. I hope to connect with other animal lovers as I share my ode.

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Ode To Cats


Published: May 2012

They say quiet as a mouse,
But don't let them fool you.
Light on their feet,
Able to pounce without notice.
Sleek and regal,
Fluffy and stout.
A rainbow of colors,
An array of personalities and moods.
Curled up on the heater,
Batting the fringe on the lampshade.
Licking the cold and slippery fish tank glass,
Biting wiggly toes under the dinner table.
Cuddly touch-me-nots.
Playful recluses.   
Not a charade,
But the power of preference of these
Who control their masters -
Puppets on a string.
What a magnificent puppet show it is!


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