Pet Friend Poem

My Little Dog

All of us have had a pet before and felt the love they give us. Here's my baby's story. Peanut

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Published by Family Friend Poems August 2010

My little dog
So many laughs we've shared
So many runs together
New friends were found by taking you on a walk
Just like my baby
My gift from God
My puppy you'll always be
Even when you're up with God
In the heavenly meadows
When you're up there, please wait for me
And more walks we'll share
More times together
With Jesus by our side
You'll be pain free after all these years
Together again
Forever my furry child
With your light brown coat with splotchy black strip along
Your back and white tummy and white light freckles on
Your muzzle
My princess
Your eyes as only a seasoned poet could explain
I am not but I shall try
Laughing and strong, but at times timid and scared
When we first got you not knowing your story
The first night you slept soundly
In the mourning you were excited to see me
At that time I knew that you were my dog
My baby girl
I love you so much
More than life
When we moved, you met my new friends
We had had you for about 3 years then
You knew all my old friends and were a butterfly
They all loved you
When you first met people you were shy
Then treated them like family
My baby girl
My furry child
My little dog


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