Mother's Day Poem

My name is Michelle, and the poem I wrote is about my wonderful mum. She has been an outstanding mum. Through the days of my life I see her as someone special. She is a true hero. I love you, Mum. This is all written and dedicated to you.

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My Wonderful Mum


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009 with permission of the Author.

Mum, there is none like you in this whole wild world.
You are special and so dear to me.
You've loved me from the day I was born.
Even though I am a woman now,
You never stopped loving me.
You still call me your baby.

When the whole world is against me,
I run to you,
And you are always there with arms wide open
Ready to catch me when I fall,
Ready to wipe my tears away when I cry.
Ready to cheer me up when I feel down.
You are so special, Mum.
You understand me more than anyone else.

You are not rich like other mothers,
Who buy their daughter expensive things.
You are simple, but yet you are wise.
I love you for the fact that you love me,
And you have showed your love
Through the very little things you do.
Love is not about money,
But it's about feelings,
And you have showed that to me.

You are my hero, Mum.
Through the good and bad days of our lives,
You make sure we can get by each day
With the little we have.
Mum, you are strong.
You have great vision and hope.
When I see you, I see a hero,
A true hero.

Mum, nothing will ever stop me from loving you.
No one will ever love me the way you do,
and no one will even know how to be you.
You're one and unique to me.
I love you, Mum,
With all my heart.



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