Abuse Poem

Poem To Abusive Father. Why?

After 14 years I am still haunted by the actions of my father. Nothing will ever erase the damage he has done, but I've always wanted to know why, to understand what makes a person hurt those they are supposed to love, to know whether he ever thought about the life he was ruining.

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Mysteries Of Your Mind


Published by Family Friend Poems March 29, 2024 with permission of the Author.

I wish to delve into the depths of your mind,
Where mischief lurks and secrets unwind.
What drove you to inflict such pain on me?
In the shadows of your thoughts, what did you see?

Did my cries cause you restless nights,
Constant reminders of unfair fights?
Or did you plot your next twisted game,
Crafting cruelty with no sense of shame?

What whispered temptation lured you in?
What demon helped you embrace the sin?
Did you ever feel remorse for the wounds you caused,
Do you ever acknowledge the life you paused?

Was it a need for power, a craving for control,
Which stole my innocence and scarred my soul?
Or was it the thrill of danger, a twisted thrill,
Which urged you to go against my will?

In your restless nights, do you ever reflect,
On the trust shattered, the lives wrecked?
Or revel in the suffering, as world falls apart,
Finding twisted joy in the pain you impart?

Were my tears a mere inconvenience to your plan,
A minor obstacle for a hollow man?
Or did they stir a flicker of remorse within,
A brief moment of doubt, beginning to set in.

How did you justify the games that you played,
As morality faded and your conscience swayed?
Do you feel the weight of remorse, heavy and true,
For the pain you inflicted, for the anguish you knew?

Questions unanswered, mysteries concealed,
Lives mistreated, forever unhealed.
With every denial, responsibility defied,
Leaving shattered lives in your deceitful stride.

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