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Poem About Nature's Music Lifting Spirits

I write music, and one of the happiest times of my life was riding in the car and hearing one of my songs for the first time being beautifully played by a top orchestra. I feel if you can give music to people, you have given an everlasting gift. Nature has its own music, available to all who will listen.

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It's very true. Nicely penned. Simple and clear expressions.

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On The Wings Of A Song


Published: July 2016

Once in a while, if you are feeling blue,
When troubles seem to keep coming along,
If you will take the time to listen to music
It can lift your spirits on the wings of a song.

You don't have to be in a concert hall,
For nature provides its own symphonies.
There are no discords in the murmuring stream,
Or the wind as it gently hums through the trees.

Who has not heard the frogs' cheerful concert
When the nighttime shadows draw near?
If you will take the time to quietly listen,
The evening serenade of crickets you'll hear.

There's a rhythm to the lapping waves on the shore.
In the sky, every bird has its own melody.
Even the mightiest humpback whale
Sings its love songs down deep in the sea.

It may not change the problems that you have.
There are times when things will go wrong.
Still, it can help bring peace to your soul
When you lift your heart on the wings of a song...

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  • Sheetal Marathe by Sheetal Marathe
  • 2 years ago

A spectacular poem. It is indeed very touching. The verses are very clear and true. Marvelously penned. Great Job :)

  • Arun S. Raj by Arun S. Raj, BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA
  • 3 years ago

It's very true. Nicely penned. Simple and clear expressions.

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