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My best friend of 3 years decided it would be a good idea to completely ignore me for no apparent reason. Well, she said, "You know too much about me. And you broke my heart."

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Something similar happened to me it hurt so much. I almost cried reading this poem, keep on going.

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One Minute We Were Fine


Published: March 2011

One minute we were laughing and fine
I was your best friend and you were mine
I loved the way when I was with you my whole world shined
I just didn't know our moments together were being timed

The next minute you act like you don't know me at all
I saw you trying to fade away, trying to not be tall
Your eyes so firmly focused on the ground
I tried to talk to you but you didn't make a sound

I knew our friendship had some issues
I just didn't think my bin would be filled with all these tissues
It has been the longest 5 days in history
All I have been thinking about is this mystery

What did I do wrong this time?
Was this the punishment for my crime?
I'm sorry I am who I am
I tried to change for you but I don't think I can

I gave up all my other friends for you
Now I found out they're on your side too
So I sit here alone watching you laugh
While being asked what happened between us by our class

Those nights we spent on the phone till midnight
They were just small memories, but I need to forget them now we're in a fight
I know your secrets, I have kept them all these years
I know all of your deepest darkest fears
I guess you don't know mine
My biggest fear is losing you
Guess what? I'm scared



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  • Jacquelyn Dillon by Jacquelyn Dillon
  • 4 years ago

Something similar happened to me it hurt so much. I almost cried reading this poem, keep on going.

  • Sadie by Sadie, Hoxie Arkansas
  • 7 years ago

This was a great poem it reminds me of me and my friend! I loved her but then she got with another guy and all that changed.

  • Coh by Coh
  • 9 years ago

This story has touched me because I was very close to someone about a year ago and they changed.

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