I'm Sorry Love Poem

Having Regrets After Making Mistakes

This poem was written to express the regrets you have in a relationship that ended and how you would have done things differently if given the change to redo the relationship.

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One Mistake Can Change Everything

Marcia A. Newton © more by Marcia A. Newton

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2, 2023 with permission of the Author.

Our happy days came and went, but memories always remained
because feelings stay buried deep inside even when times have changed.
There was a time when togetherness and love was all that really mattered
but hopes and dreams of starting over are all but lost or shattered.

I regret I didn't hold you longer.  I regret there wasn't more kisses.
I regret there wasn't more time together.  I regret the hurt this is.
I regret the day we said goodbye, but not what we once had.
One mistake can change everything, every dream and every plan.

I've shed many a tear thinking about what we could have been,
but we can't turn back the hands of time and do things we never did.
The heart knows the truth we waited too long to ever share love again,
or to try to start all over again just to end up in heartbreak and pain.

When I look back I always regret the chances we didn't take,
but we can't undo what has been done or change our past mistakes.
There are many things that I regret, but never our time together,
nor the way you use to hold me tight or the love we made to each other.

If I could write our story again, I would pour out my feelings inside
and remind you how we fell in love and how our love could last a lifetime.
If we could create new memories just tell me where and when,
I'd do it in a heartbeat even if it meant losing you once again.


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