Humorous Poem

Poem About Not Wanting To Rest

This is just a little humorous poem I wrote about living in modern day life.

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Peace And Quiet


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2015 with permission of the Author.

Turn it up please
Can you make that
A little louder?

The silence in my head
Grows more deafening
By the hour

I don't need rest
Or even peace
And tranquility

I need constant
Excitement and hostility

Don't ask my mind
To relax and
Take a break

Do you expect me
To just sit here
Bored to death and meditate?

I'm used to
Loud noise
And the pounding
Frenetic pace

Of the madness
That's become
What was once
The Human Race

Give me car chase scenes
Give me pumpin'

Give me fist fights
And rumbles
And hot, sexy foxes

Feed me screams
And explosions
That take away my breath

Give me a taste of anarchy
And a double dose
Of death

I need sitcoms
And Facebook
And YouTube

Give me smart phones
And Twitter
And laptopsĀ 
And Yahoo

Please help me escape
'Cause I don't wanna be

I need to keep busy
So I ain't stuck here
With only

My thoughts
There's nothin' but
Tumble weeds blowin'

I forgot how to think
Where was I
Going with this?

Never mind
Feed me a
Steady diet

Super-size my stimuli
But please hold the
Peace and quiet!


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