Compassion Poem

The Pain That Prejudice Brings

I grew up in a farming community where prejudice was unknown. I'm almost 98 now and realize how fortunate I was. I see so much bitter unhappiness in the world around me now and believe most of the hurt started in childhood, often unknowingly. Peace will never come until each is willing to respect the other's viewpoint.

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Planting Seeds

© more by Alora M. Knight

Published: December 2018

I was in a room the other day
Where seeds were being planted.
I could only hope and pray
Their growth would not be granted.

For many prejudicial words
Were the seeds so often scattered.
Though none were said in malice,
Just their use was all that mattered.

Most people there would be surprised
If told they were a bigot.
Still, two small children playing near
Heard words they'd not forget.

Deep into their consciousness
Contempt would start to grow
For those who differed from themselves
Because someone had deemed it so

The most fertile soil in all the world
Is in little children's minds--
Absorbing and retaining
Messages of different kinds.

How wonderful this world could be
If every one took care
To plant only seeds of kindness,
Then love could blossom everywhere.

So try hard to remember
That every word you say
Can make a difference in a child
As he goes along life's way.


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