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Thoughts On Giving Kindness And Caring

Talk of giving, and what comes to mind is money - rightly so. But money isn't everything. I've been blessed on many occasions by people who didn't even buy me a thing or dash me money. These kind folks - bless their hearts, made me realize there are things we can give that could mean so much more to others than money.

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Beyond The Purse

© more by Abimbola T. Alabi

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2017 with permission of the Author.

It's sometimes easy to think
We have nothing to give;
Yet we often have more to offer
Than we tend to believe.

We can give a smile
To those we meet on our way;
It could warm their hearts
And brighten their day.

We can give a pat,
A gentle squeeze, a simple touch.
If offered in the nick of time
Sometimes can mean so much.

We can give a second chance,
For that willingness to forgive
Others for their seeming lapses,
Is a blessed thing to give.

We can lend a listening hear
To someone who seems distraught;
For the comfort it often affords,
Money sometimes cannot.

We can offer kind words;
"Thank you," "Love you," "Well done,"
Are sometimes all we have to say
To be a blessing to someone.

It's true, money is important.
So many needs it can relieve;
Still we can look beyond the purse
And find priceless things to give.


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