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A girls was unfortunately raped and now she is pregnant and she has to tell her mom.

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I know how you feel. I was 8 years old when I first got raped. I told no one and I, like you, forgave him but didn't trust anyone for a long time. I thought I met a great guy friend when I...

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Raped And Pregnant


Published: March 2008

I never thought I'd see the day,
When my virginity would get snatched away.
By a stranger I hardly ever knew,
To hurt to even sue.
Try to forget,
But keep on seeing what he did.
Yelled and screamed,
God why did he have to be so mean.
He laid me down in that bed,
So much fear went through my head.
Try my hardest to be content,
Because right now I'm pregnant.
Tell my mom and we'll see,
All because this guy took my virginity from me.

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  • SapphireRose by SapphireRose
  • 2 years ago

When I was only eleven, my best friend and I were playing video games in his room. I was on the floor, and he was on the bed. He called me over. My stupid, naive self obeyed. He put his arm on my waist, and I told him I had to go. He ignored me. I will never forget what he did. I missed my period for the next 3 months before I got it again, but it was so painful. I think it may have actually been a miscarriage. I am only 13. My boyfriend knows about the rape (but not the fact that I think I got pregnant). I have many issues trusting people now, especially men. It's a struggle. I'm still recovering. I will never fully recover. I haven't told the cops. I have forgiven him, but I cannot go near him again. The past two years, my older brother's best friend has been molesting me. I can't tell my mom. It's so hard to write this as it happens to me still, but I hate keeping it inside. It's breaking me.

  • Lizzy V Tanks by Lizzy V Tanks, georgia,
  • 1 year ago

I know how you feel. I was 8 years old when I first got raped. I told no one and I, like you, forgave him but didn't trust anyone for a long time. I thought I met a great guy friend when I was turned 12 years old. He was nice, and slowly he got through my walls I put up, but he to raped me. The difference between this one and the last on was I fought back and I told someone. But they didn't believe me, so he got away with it. I'm 18 years old now and I'm just trying to push through. I still have nightmares about those days. So if this is still happening to you, I need you to be brave and tell someone. Your Ma or Dad. Someone who can do something. Don't let him do that to you anymore. Fight back.

  • Shekynah by Shekynah, NJ
  • 6 years ago

I'm sooo sorry for what happened to each and every one of you I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I was raped everyday for four years. When I was six by a 12 year old. He would do lots of things no child should ever know of. And when I was six and a half by my mom's then boyfriend. God I hated him and I still do to this day and if anyone wants to talk just email me. Btw I'm 13.

  • Anghel by Anghel
  • 7 years ago

Please for those who undergo this kind of abuse don't be afraid to tell.. if the first person you try to approach didn't mind you try other relatives to stop it as early as possible.. don't be afraid if he threatens you I'm sure there will be someone who will help you and have him pay for what he did... be strong and fight!

  • Katie by Katie
  • 8 years ago

I am very so sorry to all the girls and guys out there that have been raped! I loved you poem!
and Amanda I believe you and I don't even know you! keep you held high hunni you'll get through this!
I was raped by my mum ex-husband. I was 5 and it finished when I was 13. I am now 15... I couldn't do anything about it.. I will never forgive him! I thought I was safe around him then 2 years ago I found the courage! So to any people out there that have been raped, or abused in anyway tell somebody! Don't leave it.... because then it could happen again! L

  • Anonymous by Anonymous
  • 8 years ago

I am so SORRY to all of you. :/ I know exactly how it feels. First time I was raped was by an ex boyfriend I'd left. I was 10 he was 14 (I know I was so STUPID). He claimed he loved me and wanted us to have our first times with each other. I knew it was just a little scam of his so I dumped him. I thought that meant he would leave me alone and move on but one day at a school party he followed me to the bathroom and dragged me into a janitors closet. He then raped me for an hour. Second time was by someone who'd I once thought was my best friend, who only wanted me to have sex. Third was by my Brother-in-law's nephew. He was 18 I was 11, he was close to me at first till he started getting mixed up with the wrong people and became a drug addict. He molested me when he came home really high and shoved it in me. Another was by a man I never met before that same year on my way home from school and he had 6 friends with him that also raped me. I am now 12.

  • Tracee by Tracee, Florida
  • 8 years ago

I remember my last summer as a virgin I was ten when my step brother came in our room. I was the only one up under the bed watching TV he laid on the bed next to my sisters and told me to come here. I went up to him he grabbed my hands and pulled his pants down and told me to play with it. I was so scared I started shaking he made me get on my knees and forced his dick in my mouth I started crying but yet I never said no. Two days later he sent everyone but me to the store. As soon as they left he locked the door and I could just feel the tears roll down my face. He forced me to my brothers room and threw me on the bed. He pulled my bottoms off and unbuckled his pants. I started to cry even worse my legs started shaking. He told me to spread them or if he had to it would be worse. I just remember the pain and blocking out about five minutes later I woke up laying in my own blood. From that day till 3 months after I turned 15 I was raped not just by him but by many.

  • Tiffany by Tiffany, GA
  • 9 years ago

I was tricked by my bestfriend (my first cousin whom I'd lived with most of my life she was like my sister). Well she asked me if I would go to the bar with her and I said yes I gave her my license and asked her to drive cause I was gonna drink one or two drinks well the next thing I know I woke up somewhere with a stranger on top of me raping me. But the detectives said she distracted me so he could put the date rape drug in my drink and that she traded me so she could get drugs for free!

  • Dearborn by Dearborn
  • 9 years ago

As I write this it brings tears to my eyes. I was 8 years old when my step dad raped me. It was my birthday and he felt that was his gift to me. He came in my room and laid down AND SAID you know I love you. I want you to give me what your mom stop giving me. Then he called me a whore and said I know the way you be looking at me and the clothes you wear you're a little slut. I cried as he pushed it in. I wanted to die that very moment. I hated the fact I had to see him every day. No matter how long my showers was and how hard I scrubbed I still smelt him on me. Everynight while my mom was at work he came in my room and did the same thing. I finally got the courage to move with my grandma. I told my mom it was because I wanted to go to a better school. Now here I am 17 and graduated from highschool and still till this day I'm scared to be alone in the same room with him. Well that's my story..

  • Michael by Michael
  • 9 years ago

My older cousin kept trying to get me to give him blowjobs when I was 4... He said it was vitally important to become a soldier. I was too young to remember most of it... Thank god but in the same aspect my mother died a few years later... I have been depressed nearly all my life and just recently have tried to forgive... I will never go to a therapist... They lie when they say they won't tell anyone... I should have known better

  • Brianna by Brianna
  • 9 years ago

I was raped from the age of 4-8 and it was by my step dad I didn't really know what was going on and he told me that everything was going to be okay but I kind of knew that something wrong was happening so after it was done and my mom got home I went downstairs and I told her that I don't feel good and my mom didn't really know what was going on. Then years later when I was 8 my next door friend got murdered by my step dad just because she didn't want to have sex with her he stabbed her 27 times I am so sorry for what happened to her and I blame myself. I blame myself for always making him so mad and want to rape me every time since my mom leave home he raped me over 50 times and now he is in jail and that is a good place for him.. But I will NEVER forget what he did to me and the way that he touched me and his face, but the one thing that I will never have to live with anymore is him raping me and chocking me and then acting like nothing happened

  • Amanda by Amanda, Kentucky
  • 9 years ago

I was raped by a kid at my school. I am just 14 and he is 17. I told my mom and then the guidance counselor they don't believe me though. Now I live in fear everyday of my life. I don't know what to do? I have told just a few friends and it seems that they don't even believe me. I feel as if it is my fault.

  • Federal Way by Federal Way, WA
  • 9 years ago

Sorry to all of you who have been raped.
I was 8-10 when my moms ex- boyfriend raped me he was 32 and I am 18 and I still haven't recovered he gave me HPV. He will be in prison for 10 years he will be out in September of 2012 and will probably start all over again. So for all of us recovering never give up and Always remember to forgive!

  • Dayanna by Dayanna, Dallas Texas
  • 9 years ago

Honey its not your fault that that man did that to you I know its very hard to go through that my stepfather raped me when I was 5 up till I was 8 and I know it doesn't feel right but that baby that you have is not a burden that baby is a blessing

  • Juliea by Juliea, Montana
  • 9 years ago

I'm so sorry when I was four I got raped by my neighbors one was eleven and the other was eighteen. I was young so my parents didn't press charges or anything :(

  • Alyssa by Alyssa, Sandusky
  • 10 years ago

Ages 5-9, I was raped by my brother. He was 13 when I was 5. Then when I turned 11 my dad started to rape me each and every night. I still live with it. I am 13 right now. I deal each and every night screaming for my mom to come and help but she's always gone out on business trips. I'm a loner in school but I bear it. I may be alone but I have myself to trust. What I dread most is this summer my brother is coming back from a trip with his friend and I'm scared he'll start again.

  • Shawnee by Shawnee
  • 10 years ago

WOW!!!! I am sooo SORRY what happened to you. I was raped to and I just turned 13 and the guy was 21. He was a friend of the family, its so hard not to think about it, but I have to move on with my life. So just keep your head up high!!!!!!!! love always

  • karolyn by karolyn
  • 10 years ago

My father raped me when I was 7 yearrs old up until I was 9, and then from 9 till 15 I was touched. My parents had been divorced for a while now since I was 3.
One night I was in bed he came in I slept side ways and he pulled down my pants and shoved it in. He shoved it in. I was crying but I couldn't do a thing. He would moan like he enjoyed it. He literally had to shove it in because I was so tight and he liked it.
I was traumatized and hurt then I turned emo I still cut and now its even worse than before, but I learned something.
You gotta learn to forgive in order to forget. I forgive my father, he was someone I looked up to dearly, I forgive him with all my heart no matter drunk or not. He did what he did and its over. He's living his life not worrying about anything and me I'm still dreading over it. There really is no point at all dreading over something that happened 9 yearrs ago I been a cutter for nine in a half years but I'm trying to stop.
I forgive him

  • Sara Zunino by Sara Zunino, Lima
  • 4 years ago

Karolyn you have a very beautifull soul to forgive this, believe you can do everything to be happy because you are a really strong person, strong to forgive and strong to stop cutting yourself.

God bless you!

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