Moving On Poem

Relationship Made Of Glass

A woman struggles with feelings she still has for her man after she has already broken up with him.

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I Love You


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2006 with permission of the Author.

The intentions are real
But the truth is untold,
Patiently awaiting the lies to unfold.
Her heart shatters with the thought of his touch.
How could she let him control her this much?
She holds on to a memory of how it used to be.
Tempted by hatred, will she always grieve
For that man, just a child inside.
He'll always have a pull on her soul
And a place to reside.
She says that it is over
That this is really it this time.
Her life is torn apart and
Her heart is in a bind.
Patiently waiting for those feelings to fade away,
It makes it harder when he crosses her mind every day.
His sarcasm breaks the silence.
Her heart follows it to the floor.
Her body feels overwhelmed
When he walks through the door.
She shouldn't still feel this way.
She shouldn't still care.
After all those times she needed him
Why wasn't he ever there?
But she is the one who called it off,
The relationship made of glass,
As fragile as a porcelain doll.
Was it really meant to last?!


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