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Poem About The Life Of Shoes

I would have described this poem as sentimental rather than funny. Though I suppose you could say mock-sentimental. It originally came from an exercise in a creative writing group, which was to describe a pair of old shoes, so the reader thought of death, without that word being mentioned.

The original version perhaps did that best with the first line - "They walked through life together" and another line about corpses cold. However the death stipulation is unnecessary here.

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Loved this poem. Very smart and funny too. Well done!

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Requiem For Old Shoes


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2014 with permission of the Author.

They looked good, at first, together,
tight laced and polished smart,
but wear and tear destroyed them:
A tale to break your heart!

They cannot speak,
for their tongues are torn,
yet leathery wrinkles convey
that treatment is rough
and times are tough,
being trod on, day after day.

Down at heel,
scuffed at toe
and moving
'mongst the low,
their soles both left their bodies
'cause the stitches all did go.

Soil, not socks, now fills them
and hollow are their eyes
within a peaceful garden
each flower atop them sighs.


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Aw, I can picture the dearly departed shoes holding their place in the garden living a proud life as a shoe pot.

Loved this poem. Very smart and funny too. Well done!

This poem is so logically cute. It sounds to me the thoughts of a shoe if the shoe could talk ha ha. I liked it very much.
Jac Judy A. Campbell

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