Flower Poem

Every stanza embodies a speechless message culled from different objects of Nature. The poem makes the reader think about the well-written but least understood lessons spread over length and breadth of all-pervasive Nature. If decoded well, this poem may provide an altogether new orientation towards spectacles of Nature and their positive bearings on life and living.

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Speechless Messages

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Published: December 2008

A flower exudes
Flush of fragrance
When trampled over.

Mother Earth
Bears on her breast
Of the spade, the rake, the plough.

The sun pours
Light and life
Into all living things
But suffers self-burning.

The cloudy sky
On a wintry night
Lets lightning
Cut open its breast
To shoot a spark of light
For a lost traveler.

Supple trees
Weather storms
But the stiff ones
Measure the ground.

Soft grass
Squeezes underneath
But springs back
When feet are gone.

Darkness of night
Dryness of winter
Have followers in
Brightness of the smiling sun
And richness of the sweet spring.


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