Religious Christmas Poems

Religious Christmas Poems About The True Meaning Of Christmas

11 Religious Christmas Poems About The True Meaning Of Christmas

Popular religious Poems about the story of Christmas and Jesus' Birth. Famous and Modern Poems that tell the true meaning and story of what happened on Christmas. Christmas Lessons and why Christians all over the world have observed the Christmas Holiday for thousands of years.

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  1. The Littlest Christmas Tree

    A Christmas Story For Children

    in Christmas Poems

    The littlest Christmas tree
    lived in a meadow of green
    among a family
    of tall evergreens.

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    Christmas is the time of joy, happiness, laughter of children and adults, cakes, Christmas trees, stories and POEMS.

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  3. Christmas Bells

    in Famous Holiday Poems

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    I heard the bells on Christmas Day
    Their old, familiar carols play,
    And wild and sweet
    The words repeat

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    It's wonderful. I love how he added that he believes in God. Best poem ever.

  4. Christmas Time

    The Spirit Of Christmas

    in Christmas Poems

    At Christmas, lights burn brighter,
    and friendly hugs get even tighter.
    The spirit of Christmas fills the air,
    and people seem to really care.

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  6. What Can I Give?

    Being A Blessing To Others

    in Christmas Poems

    I went to church on Christmas morn to hear the angels sing.
    My heart was lifted with every chorus; the rafters, they did ring.
    I sang along with joy in my heart, the greatest sound I've ever heard.
    From "O Holy Night" to "What Child is This?" I cherished every word.

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  7. Christ's Advent

    Leading Up To Christmas

    in Christmas Poems

    Silent soft snow descends.
    Lights reflect into the night.
    The world seems to wait,
    Hushed before Christmas's delight.

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  8. A King

    A Time Of Wonder And Joy

    in Christmas Poems

    Christmas, a time of wonder and joy,
    A time to celebrate the birth of a baby boy.

    A child innocent and true,

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  10. Tiny Wooden Figures

    The Importance Of The Nativity

    in Christmas Poems

    Over in the corner, 'neath the Christmas tree's green,
    Are the tiny wooden figures, our Nativity scene.
    Each tells a story, each plays its part.
    Each holds a special place here in my heart.

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    I heard this song last night - Christmas Eve. The Renaissance Choir sang it beautifully at Guisborough Hall. It was the first time I had heard it and it brought tears to my eyes. I remembered...

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  11. The Christmas Story

    • By William Holmes
    • Published: December 2015
    Poem About The First Christmas

    in Christmas Poems

    An angel called to Mary one day.
    "You will have a baby," she heard him say,
    Now not yet married was Mary - however
    The obedient girl just said, "Whatever."

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    What a great poem! The poem has lots of truth behind it.

  12. Christmas Time

    Christmas Is A Time For...

    in Christmas Poems

    Christmas time is finally here.
    It only comes but once a year,
    And it's a time to spread good cheer
    To those we love and hold so dear.

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    Beautiful poem. I love it. One of my favorite poems on this website.

  13. Christmas

    Remembering The True Christmas

    in Christmas Poems

    December is here and there's ice all around.
    All the leaves are gone and the soil has hardened on the ground.

    Icy breath as you exhale,

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  14. The Holy Night

    in Famous Holiday Poems

    We sate among the stalls at Bethlehem;
    The dumb kine from their fodder turning them,
    Softened their horned faces
    To almost human gazes

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