Poems About Christmas Traditions

Published: December 2018

Poems About Memorable Christmas Traditions

18 Poems About Memorable Christmas Traditions

The holiday season is marked with a variety of traditions that have been established since childhood. While there are some universal Christmas traditions, each family has their own memories to cherish during this special time of year.

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    If I had one Christmas wish to make, I would not wish for a million dollars. I would love to spend one Christmas day with my family as I did when I was a child, over fifty years ago. To me, Christmas has always been about spending it with family and friends.

    A Christmas Wish

    Wanting To Spend One Day In The Past With My Family

    in Christmas Poems

    I wish I could go back to the past,
    of Christmases long ago.
    I wish I could see my loved ones
    who have passed on long ago.

    I'd love to be that child again
    who sat on Santa's knee.
    Yes, all these memories that I have
    decorating the tree.

    I wish I could wake Christmas morn
    to see Daddy baking ham.
    And to see my mamma making her yummy
    famous candy yams.

    I wish I could go to Grandma's house;
    her cookies were the best.
    The pies and cakes that she would bake,
    she kept them in a chest.

    Her house would smell like ginger,
    with a hint of Balsam Pine.
    She'd decorate the house with lights,
    and it would surely shine.

    All these Christmas memories,
    it seems like yesteryear.
    I'd love to go back to the past.
    This is my Christmas prayer.

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    I was touched that I've brought back a precious memory for you. God Bless

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    My poem is a villanelle and it talks about my favorite holiday - Christmas, specifically about what I love the most about the holiday.

    The Coming Of Christmas

    • By Yasmin Benitez
    • Published: December 16, 2021
    The Most Memorable Parts Of Christmas

    in Christmas Poems

    Christmas time is almost here
    As the snow falls gently to the ground
    Families will come together far and near

    Children bundled up in their warm winter gear
    Ready to build snowmen fluffy and round
    Christmas time is almost here

    Elf and Home Alone making you laugh in tears
    With your most loved ones around
    Families will come together far and near

    With the tree shining bright and clear
    And Jingle Bells playing in the background
    Christmas time is almost here

    Mom's special cooking will soon appear
    And so will those few extra pounds
    Families will come together far and near

    With grandma's hot chocolate we cheer
    For the time we've been waiting for so profound
    Christmas time is almost here
    Families will come together far and near

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    In memory of past Christmases and Mama and Daddy.

    Christmas Now And Then

    Poem Remembering A Childhood Christmas

    in Christmas Poems

    Well, it is December, and Christmas is almost here
    Another happy Christmas for family and good cheer
    There will be tables loaded with turkeys, hams and sweets
    We know there will be more than we could ever eat

    There will be a big tree shining so bright
    With beautiful decorations and pretty shiny lights
    Under that tree there will be presents galore
    So many you would wonder how there could be anything left in the store

    Christmas now is really so much fun
    But gosh there is just too much for everyone
    My thoughts go back to a cold Christmas long ago
    To a family not blessed with riches and gold

    Our little tree was kind of skimpy, with some ribbons and a few shiny balls
    But to us it stood magnificent, the greatest of them all
    Under that tree was a present for Raye, a present for Sister and a present for me
    And we could hardly wait as we would open them with glee

    There was not a lot of fancy food on that table, times were kind of tough
    But we were all happy, and for us it was enough
    We were so thankful as we thanked the Lord above
    We knew what we had was paid for with Daddy's hard work and Mama's love

    I'm thankful that we now have so much and our blessings are many
    And it is good to live in this great land of plenty
    But I would gladly give every material thing that I own
    To have one more Christmas with Mama and Daddy and my two sisters at home

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    I found it very touching as I've got 2 parents still but as some people they don't have parents so they don't get very many presents. I hope everyone has a good Christmas and just be grateful...

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    As the president of a theological college, each year it was my pleasure to present the personnel with a Christmas honorarium with a personal note attached. One Christmas, instead of the usual note, I composed the following poem. It has never been used since.

    The Hush Of Christmas

    • By Carl F. Verge
    • Published: December 2019

    in Christmas Poems

    Have you observed this Christmas thing?
    How shoppers shop and sleigh bells ring,
    And children wrapped in muffs and cuffs
    Are trying out their newfound stuff.

    Have you observed how fast it comes,
    Overtakes, invades our homes?
    How life takes on that quickened pace
    That makes each day another race.

    But have you noticed how the rush
    Is stayed with times of holy hush?
    And no one ever seems to know
    From where they come or where they go.

    A pause upon a Christmas stage,
    A costumed, bearded ancient sage,
    Points to a distant tinseled sky,
    And all at once the Christ is nigh.

    Or at a time when by the tree
    The children watch so eagerly,
    As shining bells are put in place
    And wonder fills each tiny face.

    Or by the fire when children sleep
    And parents whisper so to keep,
    The stillness of the fading day
    As treasures in their hearts to stay.

    Or when amidst the candlelight
    The choir begins, "Oh, Holy Night,"
    And lives so filled with busyness
    Are wafted to a quiet bliss.

    So as the season comes your way
    For you and yours, we humbly pray
    That in this time of Christmas rush
    You will find that holy hush.

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    In this poem, I sought to capture a more happy and secure time growing up with my family. It wasn't always a bed of roses, but family Christmases in my memory were always an oasis of contentment.

    Christmas Jewels

    Christmas Memories With My Family

    in Christmas Poems

    Oh, to capture Christmas
    In the palm of one's hand;
    To clasp, like a jeweled strand,
    Every memory dear and grand.

    To cherish and remember
    Every cold, colorful December;
    The cheery topaz embers
    Of a lazy Christmas Eve.

    Mother and brother trimming the tree
    In diamond and emerald symmetry,
    While father prepares his special tea.
    And I at the spinet, the tinkling gem-like tones,
    Harmonizing with my own voice
    And the winter's gusty moans.

    The choirs, the carols,
    The crystal-voiced heralds
    Announcing the sapphire dawn;
    The untidy wrappings,
    The candies, the mince,
    The parent's enveloping yawns.

    Christmas with my family,
    So dear, so long ago;
    May the old times, like a garnet,
    In my memory ever glow.

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    It is about Christmas back in the fifties and sixties. It tells of a young boy's excitement on the Eve of Christmas.

    A Christmas Long Gone

    Christmas In The Fifties

    in Christmas Poems

    I lie here awake, afraid to sleep.
    I've prayed the Lord my soul to keep.
    My stocking is hung on my bed,
    Really brother's long sock instead.

    But Mum said it would do for now
    As she kissed my cheek, kissed my brow,
    She tucked me in on Christmas Eve
    When I was young and still believed.

    Was that a footstep on the stairs?
    My brother's snoring really scares.
    Will he get down that chimney tight?
    Will I get my first glimpse tonight?

    I lie awake, for ages and ages,
    Skimming last year's Beano pages,
    Under my blanket torch alight,
    Getting sleepy, losing the fight.

    Woke next morning, screams of glee.
    Missed him again; how could that be?
    A bulging sock suspended there,
    An apple, an orange, maybe a pear.

    Cadbury's chocolate! What a delight!
    Three new pennies: shiny and bright,
    A piggy bank with its own key.
    It wasn't much but meant all to me.

    The front room always looked divine,
    A roaring fire, the smell of pine,
    Tinsel draped on the real fir tree,
    Foil wrapped chocolates just for me.

    Silver baubles' reflections revealing,
    Paper chains strung on the ceiling,
    Needles dropping on linoleum
    Swept up daily by tidy Mum.

    Lone present 'neath the Christmas tree,
    Wrapped really well, was that for me?
    This was as good as it could get,
    I've got a new Meccano set.

    Ripped off wrap all over the floor.
    One present each, but that was more
    Than we could expect; times were hard,
    Some mates didn't get a Christmas card.

    So ten young children eat the grub
    Which cooked while Dad was at the pub.
    He'd already had a drink or two,
    But then, it was his holiday too.

    Poor Mum would have to slave away,
    No fun for her on Christmas day.
    Times were tough, yes, I agree,
    But at six years old, it worked for me!

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    It's a birthday, a time of joy. Gifts for all and love and peace. Cold winter nights and pretty lights. All these are symbols of Christmas, a story told the world over. A gift of all gifts.


    Remembering The True Christmas

    in Christmas Poems

    December is here and there's ice all around.
    All the leaves are gone and the soil has hardened on the ground.

    Icy breath as you exhale,
    Waiting for wrapped parcels to be delivered in the mail.

    Baubles and tinsel and candy canes,
    Snow now settling on the window panes.

    Trees all a glitter as we pass by.
    Hot cups of chocolate and homemade mince pie.

    Smells of puddings, cakes and all things good,
    Crackling fires as we burn more wood.

    Carols heard from across the park.
    Lights all glistening as they brighten up the dark.

    Families gather to spend this day as one,
    Hugging, talking, putting right all that's wrong.

    But much more than all of this above,
    This is a time for forgiveness and love.

    It's Christmas and a time of joy.
    It's the birthday of a special baby boy.

    It's about a story that's lasted throughout the ages of time,
    About a man who turned water into wine.

    He helped and he protected all in need,
    And the poorly he healed and the hungry he did feed.

    A gift above gifts, for all of mankind.
    So perfect, so gentle, so divine.

    A time to celebrate on the 25th of December.
    A time to be grateful and a time to remember.

    With thanks and gifts they did bring.
    It's time once again to rejoice the birth of a king.

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    As one gets older, sadly we see many loved ones pass on, and over the Christmas season they're missed more than ever. Memories of the happy times that were shared stay alive in heart and mind, always and forevermore.

    My Christmas Wishes

    Memories Of Christmases Past

    in Christmas Poems

    I wish for my lost loved ones to spread wings
    So they'd fly back and share all Christmas things,
    Just as they did back in their days on earth
    And the holy birth was a source of great mirth.

    Then they'd see snowflakes fall softly to the ground,
    Hear carol singers make beautiful sounds.
    Children excited for Santa to arrive,
    Christmas trees aglow and blazing firesides.

    Church bells chiming to announce the new King,
    Born as a host of Angel voices sing.
    In humble conditions came Mary's boy.
    Unto the world a sweet bundle of joy.

    Thoughtful tokens handed out as a gift.
    Times may have been hard, but love made us rich.
    Games and charades when there was no TV.
    Fish paste sandwiches and jelly for tea.

    But it's unlikely my wishes come true.
    I'll send love in a prayer, I usually do,
    And ask God to share my heart all around
    For peace on earth that knoweth no bounds.

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    I've always loved Christmas, but I've never recaptured the magic of childhood Christmases; that is until I had a child of my own. A childhood Christmas is the best Christmas - full of innocence and wonderment, and seeing it through the eyes of a child once more is a true gift.

    My Childhood Christmas Memories

    in Christmas Poems

    My childhood Christmas memories always make me smile.
    I'll often drift to long ago and stay there for a while.
    Remember singing carols long before the date?
    Of counting days from Halloween, I really couldn't wait.
    Recalling cherished carefree times that advent used to bring.
    The infant class nativity, the songs we used to sing.
    The being good, the secret smiles when making Christmas wishes,
    The showing off to Santa by drying up the dishes.
    "Eat your food, the elves are watching" was often said to me,
    And though I'd quickly turn my head I never got to see,
    And it always snowed at Christmas, least that's what I recall.
    Standing by the fireside glow, watching the snowflakes fall,
    I well recall the bustling shops, not frenzied like today.
    The kindly smiles and gestures that set you on your way,
    I crave the smells, and seasonal sights, the tastes that were sublime,
    The long gone folk who touched our lives so much at Christmas time.
    The sleepless nights on Christmas Eve, a mix of joy and fear,
    While listening out for Santa Claus (I heard him every year),
    And sleep might come eventually, though fitful if at all.
    Then up I'd jump on Christmas Day, the greatest time of all,
    Waking up the family to see if he had been,
    Closing eyes and walking in to see the festive scene,
    Running to a pile of gifts, "I can't believe my eyes."
    "How did you know I wanted that?" and "What a great surprise!"

    And then one year the magic did not seem to be as strong.
    To believe in Father Christmas was childish and quite wrong,
    So I never heard his sleigh bells on Christmas Eve again,
    Nor saw snow at Christmas, just wind and sleet and rain.
    And so it was for many years, my childhood Christmas gone.
    Grown up responsibilities was the order from now on,
    Until that is the greatest gift, a child to call my own.
    Her Christmas Eve excitement by me was so well-known,
    And as I kissed her goodnight last year and closed the door,
    I swear I heard his sleigh bells upon the roof once more.

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    My poem is about the special feeling of Christmas and what it means to me. This is my first poem ever written on paper.

    The Joy Of Christmas

    in Christmas Poems

    Christmas is a loving hug
    Or roasting chestnuts on the rug.
    Christmas is one's first snow
    And wrapping presents up with bows.
    Christmas is sledding over the ice,
    And giving presents feels so nice.
    Christmas is a friend.
    I never want Christmas to end.

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    I was honored to know this author's father when he was first born and celebrated many Christmases with him and his Mom and Dad. This poem made me remember the wonderful Christmases we had. I...

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    Christmas for me is a time filled with love and joy and family. It celebrates a historical event that forever changed the world as we know it: the birth of Jesus. This time is special because I get to reflect on the year and everything God has done for me. I get to spend time with my friends and family. That's why I love Christmas.

    Christmas In My Eyes

    What Christmas Is To Me

    in Christmas Poems

    People saying, "Ho, Ho, Ho"
    Lovers kissing under the mistletoe
    Children playing in the snow

    Families making homemade treats
    Teens with fuzzy socks on their feet
    Dogs and cats sitting by the fire heat

    Shoppers looking for the best gift
    Employees working on their last shift
    Students getting home before the snow drifts

    Choirs singing, "Noel, Noel, Noel!"
    Volunteers ringing little bells
    Candles with winter smells

    Reindeer flying through the skies
    Everyone waking up to a surprise
    That's what Christmas is in my eyes

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    I worte this poem about a tradition that my Dad and I had of putting up the Christmas lights together.

    A Precious Christmas Memory

    Christmas Tradition With My Dad

    in Christmas Poems

    In the damp, dusty cellar, surrounded by boxes,
    Our excitement just grows without measure.
    Searching and sorting with loud shouts of glee,
    As we uncovered the grand Christmas treasure.

    Christmas lights in a ball, but Dad's not deterred,
    As with a purpose, he heads out the door.
    And I spy from the window, for the time has now come,
    For Dad to adorn our front porch.

    The weather is frigid, his breath floats in the air,
    And the sky is the deepest of gray.
    The spirit of Christmas can be felt everywhere,
    With the promise of snow on the way.

    So I watch as my Dad makes his plan of attack,
    While I sit comfy, cozy inside.
    But I knew in my heart where I needed to be,
    Out there shivering, but right by his side.

    So I bundle up tight and I head out the door,
    Nothing can stand in my way.
    And I knew by his smile and his pat on my back
    That he truly was glad that I came.

    Now perfectionist Dad always knew what to do,
    And for him every light had its place.
    So together we stood, completing our task,
    Precious memories these moments would make.

    Under an ominous sky large snowflakes appeared,
    And it seemed that the time had just flown.
    But we both were determined to finish the job,
    Though tired and chilled to the bone.

    As the last light was placed, complete darkness prevailed,
    We had accomplished our goal just in time.
    The smell of Mom's cooking floated by in the air,
    And the feeling of success was sublime.

    Now into the house, I run with such joy,
    To summon all family to come.
    And we stand on the street, as Dad plugs in the lights,
    Illuminating our world one by one.

    For certain it's Christmas and my heart feels so full,
    With the beauty of color and shimmer.
    But being with Dad sharing time in the cold
    Is forever what I will remember!

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    This story was created from my inspiration of each Christmas day and the memories made.


    • By Kolton Myatt
    • Published: December 2015
    Poem About Coming Together As A Family To Create Memories

    in Christmas Poems

    It is seven a.m.,
    And the snow is falling
    As I look outside
    At the carolers calling.

    I wake up my parents
    And rush to the tree
    To find a room full of presents
    Just for me.

    The hot chocolate is stirring,
    And the food is being made
    As we head to my grandma's
    To visit and stay.

    As I see my family gathered
    And laughing away,
    I think to myself,
    How I love Christmas Day.

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    Hello, my name is Roxanna Johnson. I am 17 and currently a sophomore at my high school. I enjoy writing because it defines emotions that may otherwise never be experienced. I am currently published with two other sites, and am looking forward to reviews from this amazing site as well. I am so very grateful that so many individuals pursue literature and enjoy its benefits. That is why I choose to write. I write mainly poems, but I have jotted down a few stories.

    A Poem Of Bliss

    • By Roxanna
    • Published: December 2010
    Merry Christmas Poem

    in Christmas Poems

    A happy fat Santa busy one day, looks to his elves,
    All busy with work and no play.

    A little boy running through the snow lays down to make angels,
    All neat in a row.

    A pine tree drug through a living room and sat in place,
    Awaits the smiling faces, to decorate it with beautiful lace.

    A mistletoe hung above,
    is just the place for a new and kindering love.

    A group of carolers out in the cold,
    Sing beautiful songs for the young and thee old.

    A delicious dinner made on Christmas, Is begun with prayer,
    And is eaten with love and care.

    Anxious children are told to sleep, though they are too excited to try.
    So they lie awake and watch for a sleigh in the sky.

    On Christmas morning, many will gather, sharing gifts and a story,
    While adults smile at their children with pride and infinite glory!

    Merry Christmas

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    It is meant to inspire you. My name is Maria. I am 12 years old and this poem is my first poem, and Christmas inspired me.

    Christmas Feelings

    • By Maria Carrion
    • Published: December 2014
    Poem About Christmas With Family

    in Christmas Poems

    That cheerful feeling
    In the air
    With a bit of love
    All around

    The food is on the table
    And the presents under the tree
    Dinner is ready
    So come on, let's eat

    Everyone is at the table
    Eating their Christmas meals
    Because it's the most
    Wonderful time of the year

    Look out your window
    Thank God for letting it snow
    It's the best time of the year
    To spend it with the family

    The night has passed
    And the day has come
    There are presents to open
    And more fun to come

    But it's not about presents
    It's not about food
    It's about family time
    That's Christmas time

    Poem About Christmas With Family, Christmas Feelings

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    I was inspired to write this poem because I have no money for Christmas to buy gifts for family. I wanted to do a little more than send store bought cards. I'm sending this poem to my family as a gift from my heart.
    from Glenn and Arlene

    Christmas Sensations

    • By Arlene Blessing
    • Published: November 2008
    Christmas Poem For Family And Friends

    in Christmas Poems

    Christmas lights twinkle and shine as bright
    as the stars in the sky on a cold, clear night.
    The fresh blanket of fallen snow,
    it looks so pretty on the tree boughs.
    People bundled up so warm, rushing to and fro,
    don't forget the mistletoe!

    Child laughter, building snowmen, sled riding or ice skating,
    they are all patiently waiting.
    Quiet whispers and footsteps creeping,
    very soon you'll hear paper crinkling.
    Keeping beat with the Christmas season are bells ringing,
    the rhythm and rhyme come from the carolers singing.

    The turkey is stuffed and ready for roasting,
    the bread has risen and ready for toasting.
    The soft glow of a cinnamon scented candle is fine,
    the Christmas tree that smells like pine.
    Pumpkin pie, apple pie and all the cookies you can eat,
    a cup of cocoa and a candy cane sure are sweet.

    Most important is family, friends and lots of caring,
    cuddles, kisses and hugs for sharing.
    Grab your slippers and a cozy robe and come sit by the fire,
    hurry along before Grammy retires.
    Let me read you a story and you stay awhile,
    your children and their children all smile!

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    What Christmas is to me...


    Christmas Is For Quality Time With Loved Ones

    in Christmas Poems

    'Tis the time to hug,
    And stay warm and snug.
    Time to ice skate over the frozen lake,
    And for the sugar cookies to bake.
    It is Christmas,
    Occasional fog or mist.
    Children get snow days,
    And go out to play on sleighs.
    On Christmas day it is fun,
    There are just clouds and no sun.
    You open your presents,
    Which your family sent.
    The kids just rip the wrapping,
    And can't stop laughing.
    Kids get toys,
    Specially made for girls or boys.
    Teens get phones and games,
    And call their siblings lame.
    The kids go out to make angels in the snow,
    Running through the cold air that blows.
    No one wants the day to end,
    So some decide to share gifts or lend.
    The families take off their bootlaces,
    And get warm by the fireplace.
    Christmas is when your family comes,
    And when they all love.

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