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Poem On An Iconic Moment In Boxing History

I wrote this poem about 1973. I was in high school. It was right before the rematch between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali for the heavyweight championship of the world. Frazier had won the first fight and was the reigning champion. I was a big fan of Muhammad Ali and knew he would win the rematch--and he did!

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The Ballad Of Muhammad Ali


Published by Family Friend Poems May 1, 2023 with permission of the Author.

He floats like a butterfly,
He stings like a bee.
That's why they call him
Muhammad Ali.

He's strong and he's mighty,
He's fast and he's quick.
He's going to make Joe Frazier,
Look pretty sick.

The fans will cheer and
The fans will shout
When Ali meets Frazier
In another title bout.

Ali will dance,
And his opponent will swing,
But Ali will knock Frazier
Right out of the ring.

The boxing fans will be stunned
And Frazier's followers will cry and pout,
For Muhammad Ali will have upset the world
By knocking Joe Frazier out.

He floats like a butterfly,
He stings like a bee.
He's the Champion of the World,
He's Muhammad Ali!


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