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Lifelong Struggle Due To Traumatic Experience Poem

Some things in life just can't be explained. The pain and sadness a person truly feels inside is unique, and although we try to understand, we never truly will. This poem was written about a traumatic experience in my life that has consumed 15 long years and counting. Sometimes it's just not possible to move forward.

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You are special. Yes, there always is someone to help you, but you are special. You are one who cannot be replaced. I may not know you, but I know when people feel unhappy or on the very last...

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The Demons And Me


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2010 with permission of the Author.

I got this feeling deep inside,
Not sadness or hatred, not even pride,
A blank spot on a map,
Where something used to be,

Every time I think about it,
My head begins to hurt.
My eyes fill with tears;
These are the silent screams that nobody hears,

Clutching my pillow tightly,
I let it all out again.
There's no use trying to flee,
It's just the demons and me.

They come late at night,
Flooding my mind,
Shredding my soul,
And I wonder will I ever be whole?

Like a song left on loop,
I relive the same moment,
Each and every night,
It's not fair; it's just not right,

Blessed with 23 years of life,
The last 15 have all revolved around one day,
That will never let me be,
But that's just the demons and me.


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  • Marochelle Carelsen by Marochelle Carelsen, Eastern Cape
  • 9 years ago

I'm only 16! But since my parents were put in jail because they abused me, I've never had a place to call home. I never felt loved and I never had someone to care for me. I thought that if I died the world would be better and that no one would ever know I was gone. But when I read this poem I knew I shouldn't give up. I knew that there is always someone who will try and help you, whether they know you or not. Thank you so much for writing this poem. It helped me through a lot.

  • Ashleigh Pullen by Ashleigh Pullen
  • 7 years ago

You are special. Yes, there always is someone to help you, but you are special. You are one who cannot be replaced. I may not know you, but I know when people feel unhappy or on the very last edge, it just takes a push, but everyone is special. Unique. No one can be replaced. When someone dies, you can't get another person like them. It's a bad world, but somewhere, everyone has courage to live.

  • Tia Knowle by Tia Knowle
  • 10 years ago

I have felt like this for about 4-5 weeks now and I can't help but think that my twin should be alive and I should have died at birth. I'm a big appointment why do I feel like this? Is it normal to want to die? To want to end your life at a young age. I'm 14...Can someone help me to stop thinking these thoughts? I feel ignored. I hurt people everyday I don't want to but I feel like I have to.
Please help me? Please

  • Crystal by Crystal, San Antonio TX
  • 11 years ago

Touched my heart completely. I was hurt at 16 and never could get my old self back. I try so hard and the pain just gets deeper and deeper. I have bad thought every day and night bout letting life go to end the pain but then I look at my kids and I can't hurt them just cuz mommy is sad. I never feel loved but have so much love to give. It's nice to know when you're not alone.

  • Ron by Ron, Swe
  • 12 years ago

Thank you for putting words on what I could not.
The last 14 years I have wrestled with my demons, and I can't but wonder how much longer I will manage.
But while reading your poem, it somehow ease the pain, at least for a moment.

Thank you

  • Kasie by Kasie, Tx
  • 12 years ago

I can honestly say I have felt that way. I thought I would never be happy again. I thought I wasn't ever going to be able to over come it, but I guess I got lucky. This feeling for me only lasted maybe 2 weeks to a month? I'm not too sure considering I have horrible memory...

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