Depression Poem

Hiding Your True Feelings When Suffering From Depression

This poem is written from a very personal view during my battle with depression. This talks about the fact that you have to hide your true feelings and the constant act that you put on to the people around you.

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Behind This Face

Lee W. Barker © more by Lee W. Barker

Published by Family Friend Poems March 2019 with permission of the Author.

Behind this calm face there is a raging storm,
Like a war in my head since the day I was born.

Behind this smile there is a lonely sad frown,
Acting oh so happy when really you are down.

Behind these blue eyes is a bright burning fire,
Flames flickering out of control, getting higher.

Behind this laugh when I'm laughing out loud,
There's a tear like a rain drop from a dull cloud.

Behind these dry eyes is a waterfall of pain,
Trying to plug the leak, but the effort is in vain.

Behind this confident man is a shy little boy,
The youngster from school, so lonely and coy.

Between my ears is a fight inside my head,
Happy against sad or living battling dead.

Behind this big heart it is shattered like glass,
Still not healed from the bully in the class.

Behind the happiness lies sadness deep down,
Swimming against the tide trying not to drown.


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