Breaking Up Poem

Love Is A Lie

I'm only 14, but I thought I loved someone. Break ups hurt. This is for anyone who is going through a break up. I know how you feel. Just know, life moves on, and eventually so will you, and hopefully so will I.

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They Were All Just Words


Published: December 2016

They were all words, just words,
Weren't they?
They were all just lies,
Weren't they?
I guess I should have known
That our definition of love was different.
You move on fast,
Don't you?
Well, I can too.
Just know, that for a moment there,
I really did love you.
I promised myself before I met you
That I would never use the word love,
That it was just a lie,
But suddenly the L word
Didn't seem so scary.
I used it,
I fell for it,
Trusting your words.
Now I know for sure
That the word love is nothing
But a dreaded nothingness that hangs in the air
And reminds me of what I can't have
Or what I didn't have.
My heart used to be guarded
By an impenetrable wall,
And I took it down for you.
Now my tears are trying to build it again,
And I am only hoping
That you will find a love
And that love will play around with the word
Just like you did.
But I can't wish for bad things,
So I only wish
You a happy goodbye,
For I have moved on.


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