Moving On Poem

Finally Leaving A Toxic Relationship

I wrote this poem about a long relationship that was always one-sided, and I finally realized that I was becoming a person I didn't recognize or like. Here, I'm telling him that it doesn't matter what he says or does, I know that it will never be enough, and he will never change, so I have to leave for myself.

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Time For Me

Kerri L. Copeland © more by Kerri L. Copeland

Published: March 26, 2022

Today I will leave
And without a fair trade.
I don't care if this hurts you.
It was your bed you made.

I just have to walk.
To talk just won't do.
It was never enough
To get through to you.

So, always remember
That you pushed me away.
Now, you have no right
To ask me to stay.

No flowers, or diamonds,
No declarations of heart,
No begging, no pleading,
And no fresh start.

You have sealed your fate
With your selfish demands.
You will never change
Or wash the blood off your hands.


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